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University Of Phoenix Student Loan Forgiveness

University Of Phoenix Student Loan Forgiveness

Apply for University of Phoenix Student Loan Forgiveness Today

Did you come out of the University of Phoenix with a crushing financial obligation and a degree you can’t use? You are not alone. You share the sentiments of thousands of former UoP students.

Many former students of the UoP are now facing not just a lifetime of debt but a problem in securing a job. It's because many employers are not into graduates of for-profit universities.

Student loan debt can be terrifying, but there is still hope. The University of Phoenix Student Loan Forgiveness is aimed at former UoP students who need assistance in lowering their monthly loan payments.

StudentLoanHelp Offers a Helping Hand

StudentLoanHelp.Me knows how hard it is to sign up for a repayment plan with your federal loan servicer. Given that, we can assist you in applying for the federal student loan forgiveness by preparing the necessary documents.

The University of Phoenix has received a number of complaints throughout the years. Complainants believe they were defrauded by their former school. Because it violated certain laws, students can apply for a “borrower defense to repayment” claim.

We can work on the documentation preparation of the following:

  • Student Loan Application & Promissory Note
  • Student Loan Forgiveness
  • Repayment Plan Selection
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness
  • Total and Permanent Disability Discharge
  • Public Service Forgiveness Documentation of Income

Your student loan may be forgiven under special circumstances. Your eligibility will depend on the type of loan forgiveness program you are applying for, since there are many types of forgiveness programs.

For the “borrower defense to repayment” scheme, you have to show a proof that your earnings are less than half of your peers who studied in a comparable program. This is so you can be eligible for full loan forgiveness.

If you believe you don't have further obligations to repay the loan, perhaps because of a permanent disability, you can apply for a loan discharge. This also applies if the school closes before you attain your degree.

In the case of UoP, you may qualify to have your loans discharged given that it closes while you are still enrolled. In 2017, the UoP closed over a dozen campuses nationwide. If the reason is not due to school closure, you can still apply for a University of Phoenix Student Loan Forgiveness.

Please note that your income plays a big role in your eligibility. This was based on the new criteria set by the Department of Education. You can request to place your loans into forbearance once you are done with the application process.

At StudentLoanHelp.Me, we understand how difficult it is to apply for a student loan forgiveness program. Our specialization in document preparation services is a big relief to many especially to individuals who don't enough time to prepare the documents needed in applying for student loan forgiveness.

Call us today at (888) 272- 9613 to verify your eligibility. Our qualified loan specialists can help you save thousands of dollars on a student loan.

University Of Phoenix Student Loan Forgiveness
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