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DeVry University Student Loan Forgiveness

DeVry University Student Loan Forgiveness

A Great Help with DeVry University Student Loan Forgiveness

We all have dreams about things we will probably never do like traveling to Mars, becoming a movie star or maybe a famous athlete. As we go through life, our dreams become more realistic and we begin to plan and act to realize them.

Hard work and determination are still the main ingredients in the “formula” for success but almost everyone will need some type of advanced education and/or training after high school to boost any natural talent.

Going to college is still considered a prestigious privilege. In the past, parents of humble means would scrimp and save and sacrifice their own dreams to give their child that opportunity. Academic and athletic scholarships meant a “free ride” for a chosen few. If parental help was not there, a determined student could find part-time work during the school term and work full time over summer vacation and the winter holidays. Other options included co-op programs, government, and private grants and of course the student loan.

Rising Tuition and Living Costs

In 1988, the average yearly tuition for a private, non-profit 4-year college was about $15,000. Today that amount is around $35,000. Students must also pay for an apartment or a dormitory if they cannot live at home and cramming four or more students into a small 2-bedroom apartment will still mean a considerable cost to the student.

Consider stagnating wages over the past several years, the increase in for-profit on-line schools like DeVry University that offer student loans, and a tightening job market for new graduates and it is easy to see how some students will be in deep financial trouble soon after graduation.

Help Has Arrived!

Fortunately, there are now government programs called DeVry University Student Loan Forgiveness that can be the path to resolving student loan debts. Joining the military or becoming a teacher in a low-income school is options but in today’s world, both of these options have dangerous risks. The other choices are to accept employment in public service, non-profit and certain government jobs or to apply for an income-based repayment plan.

With Student Loan Help Me in your corner to help you maneuver through the process of applying for a DeVry University Student Loan Forgiveness, you will see your student debt problems resolved in one of three ways:

  • Student Loan Help Me will help you get qualified for the student loan forgiveness program started by President Obama called PAYE (for Pay As You Earn). The basis of this plan is that you agree to pay the taxes on your student loans as the loans are considered taxable income. The taxes are normally only about 20% of the original loan so paying the taxes is an attractive alternative to paying off the whole loan.
  • Student Loan Help Me will also work to get student loan payments paused for a 12-month period to give you the time to improve your finances.
  • Student Loan Help Me can also guide you to get government assistance if you were the victim of predatory lending practices. These loan forgiveness and discharge program can greatly reduce your monthly payments or eliminate the debt completely.

No one can get help from Student Loan Help Me unless they ask, so you need to “start the ball rolling” and call 888-272-9613 or use the convenient online form to determine your eligibility.

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