ITT Technical Institute

Many former students of ITT Tech have been plagued with high debt to income ratios after taking out student loans from this for-profit university. ITT Tech was recently sued by the CFPB focusing high-pressure tactics to persuade students to take out high-interest private loans.

If you attended ITT Technical Institute, you may qualify for STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS.



ITT Tech offered some of the most expensive online degree programs of all schools in the government study, and had a high rate of student loan default.

It was sued in February 2014 by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) for using high-pressure tactics to persuade students to take out high-interest private loans.

ITT Tech was investigated by the Department of Justice, only a few months after the SEC filed fraud charges against current and former ITT executives. In May 2015, the state of California suspended its GI Bill eligibility.


You enrolled at a university with the best hopes and intentions, looking to improve your life and the lives of loved ones who depend on you.

Now it’s a few years later and the shiny, optimistic dreams of a better future have come CRASHING down to reality.

You have outstanding student loans. 

The loan collectors are calling. Maybe your parents even co-signed for you, and now the loan companies are harassing them for money they don’t have, just as they plan to retire.

It’s hard for you to get a car, or a home…maybe you have children that you worry you can’t support while holding your burden of debt.

BOTTOMLINE….You have a student loan that is extremely hard to keep up with payments on, and not much hope for making enough money to pay it. You’re probably feeling pretty RIPPED OFF, and it’s not an easy time for you.



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