See if you qualify for a Loan Discharge!

We prepare you special government funded programs that are designed to protect student borrowers that were victims of fraudulent lending and misled by a “for-profit” school. Our compliance department will prepare your documents with your grievances to be filed directly with the Department of Education on your behalf outlining the deception you experienced to get your loans discharged in full.

During this process, we will place a 12 month “administrative” hold on your loans to stop any collection efforts or garnishments to happen and any payments that you already made may also qualify for a reimbursement while your case in dispute.

Types of Discharges:

  • Federal Loan
  • Closed School
  • Bankruptcy
  • Death
  • Disability

Perfect for:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Police
  • Nurses
  • Technology

Get your loans discharged today. See if you qualify now!