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Here at StudentLoanHelp.Me we have helped thousands of college student borrowers who have student loans and are in debt or default QUALIFY for government loan forgiveness programs offered by The Department of Education with the ability to discharge, consolidate or lower current Federal student loans.

If you sign-up now we will put your loans into an “administrative status” for 12 months and you “won’t” have any monthly payments or garnishments for a whole year till the process is completed.

We help teachers, public service workers, the disabled and more get enrolled into the programs that will benefit them the most. Our processors are up-to-date on all of the latest regulations now that were put in place by Congress for President Obama’s plan to potentially save thousands of dollars on their student loans from predatory lenders and servicers such as Sallie Mae and Navient.

We can determine if you are eligible for Government assistance towards your student loans. These programs were designed to either eliminate the entire debt due to fraudulent practices made by your school or to reduce you monthly payment based of your income and family size with the possibility of forgiveness at the end.

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President Obama Expands the Student Loan Forgiveness Repayment Program

Pay as you earn program.

If you attended a for-profit college, regardless of when you attended, you may qualify for partial or even full loan forgiveness.

We were totally lost when it came to consolidating our student loans. After working with Student Loan Help ME, we filed our consolidation and now save $1709 each month. Our payment went from $1806 to $97.

MARY & JACOB Former Student

You guys are amazing to provide such wonderful service. Thank you so much!

Jeff Gemmell, Orange County

My student loan payments went from $423 a month to $0 a month, and after 10 years of paying nothing they get forgiven. This is amazing!

Mark Levin, Wisconsin

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